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    This CGI blog post discusses considerations for trade banks in navigating the digital world.
    When it comes to understanding customers, compliance data typically is the best source of information because this type of data tracks everything a customer does within a financial institution—from making...
    This CGI blog post discusses considerations and revenue opportunities related to the adoption of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.
    A seemingly relentless march toward electronic money transfers across the globe means a significant decrease in transactions involving real cash. What is behind this move, especially when using cash is...
    This CGI blog discusses the challenges corporate and transaction banks face in delivering services equivalent to those offered by their retail bank peers.

    ‘People are strange, when you中国福利彩票下载安全’re a stranger’: A retail bank view into artificial intelligence

    Andy Schmidt Andy Schmidt

    2019-09-04 This blog discusses retail banks’ use of artificial intelligence based on findings from CGI’s latest bank consumer survey.

    Digitizing the credit management journey

    John Jensen John Jensen

    2019-08-16 This blog discusses the importance of digitizing the credit management journey from end-to-end.

    Moving ahead of the competition through digital loan originations

    Jerry Norton Jerry Norton

    2019-07-23 This CGI blog discusses challenges and opportunities in digitalizing loan originations.

    Payments 2019 focuses on top digital topics for U.S. banks

    Andy Schmidt Andy Schmidt

    2019-07-09 NACHA’s Payments 2019 brought together hundreds of finance professionals to discuss today’s most pressing payment topics. While APIs, same-day ACH and data monetization were key topics, the biggest focus was...

    Today’s trade finance challenges (part 2)

    patrick-devilbiss Patrick DeVilbiss

    2019-04-26 Shifting customer expectations in banking paired with new technological breakthroughs and methodologies are affecting the delivery of bank services. API usage has greatly enhanced the ability for bank applications and...